HandsOn Hong Kong

Jessica Man, who runs the Inclusive Education Resource Centre at the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf is one of a team of just four people. They all work tirelessly to support hearing impaired children and their families which doesn’t leave much time for developing volunteer programs that enrich the lives of these individuals, or to respond to the countless volunteer enquiries they receive.

This used to be really challenging for Jessica, but all this changed in 2015 when HandsOn Hong Kong began managing Jessica’s service programs and volunteers.

Incredible things have happened as a result of the centre’s partnership with HandsOn. Just last year HandsOn organized a sports program that allowed 178 hearing impaired children to try out sports they had never experienced before such as Thai boxing, ice skating and bowling—all with the support of caring volunteers.

The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf is just one of over 90 non-profit partners that HandsOn supports daily. By being an extension of these NGOs’ teams HandsOn served more than 46,000 people in need last year.

They provide their services to local NGOs at absolutely no charge but it takes more than time for their small team to carry out the work they do 365 days of the year.

 All donations HandsOn receive are crucial in helping them continue to make an impact. Thank you for your support!

Volunteers skate with hearing impaired children

Volunteers bring soup and companionship to isolated elderly citizens